Amazon Payments

Pay for your ToyWiz order using Amazon Payments!

We now accept Amazon Payments at checkout. To use Amazon Payments follow these simple instructions:

Step 1: Click the Pay With Amazon button found on either the shopping cart page or when you add an item to your cart, or click the button button below. Note that clicking this button now will navigate away from this page.


(Note that if you go directly to the checkout page without using the Pay with Amazon button, Amazon Payments will not appear as one of your payment options. If that happens, just go back to the cart or this page and click the Pay with Amazon button.)

Step 2: Proceed through the checkout process, either by creating an account or as a guest. Under Step 4 Order Confirmation, choose the Pay with Amazon option. Your Amazon address book and wallet should appear.

Step 3: Choose your shipping address and payment method from your Amazon Address Book and Amazon Wallet. Please note that regardless of what ship address you entered earlier in the checkout process, we can ONLY ship your package to the address you choose from your Amazon Address Book.

Step 4: In the Pay with Amazon section, click the checkbox that says "Use my selected payment method for future purchases and payments to this merchant." Please note that "future" really means the purchase you are making now. We will not charge you through your Amazon Payments account for an order unless you specifically choose that as your payment method at checkout or direct us otherwise.

Step 5: Once you check the box authorizing us to charge your card, the COMPLETE ORDER button on the bottom of the checkout page will become visible, allowing you to complete the checkout process.

And that's all there is to it. Once you click the Complete Order button, we will confirm your billing agreement allowing us to charge your card through Amazon Payments, and you should receive an e-mail from Amazon Payments indicating as such. Your card will then be actually charged in a separate transaction, and you will receive a second e-mail from Amazon Payments when that happens. If there are any issues processing your payment, we will notify you via e-mail.

Important Notes about Amazon Payments

  • At this time Amazon does NOT allow you to use Amazon Gift Cards to pay for your order; you must use a Credit Card or Debit Card attached to your Amazon account.
  • If your order contains one or more pre-order items, by default we will charge your order within 48 hours of when it is placed. If you prefer to not be charged until your pre-order items are actually ready to ship, choose the "Charge my card when my items are ready to ship" option under PRE-ORDER PAYMENT PREFERENCE (just below the Amazon Address Book section at checkout).

If you have any questions about using Amazon Payments to pay for your order, you can contact us here.